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Kevin Spencer

Kevin Spencer is an in-you-face-funny, adult oriented, half-hour animated comedy. It chronicles the wacky adventures of the massively eccentric Spencer family as seen through the eyes of their teenage son, Kevin, an oddly astute and likable sociopath-in-the-making. Part satire, part social commentary, but mostly just fun and funny, the stories are as surprising and unpredicatble as they are hysterical. If you think "South Park" and "The Simpsons" are amusing, just wait until you see this.

113 x 30'


Da Vinci's Inquest

Vancouver coroners, pathologists and homicide detectives inhabit a murky world as they attempt to solve the mysteries behind the unnatural, accidental, or suspicious deaths committed in the city's back alleys and bedrooms. At times selfless, at times grudging, they all have agendas and history, passion for their work, and ambition for their futures. Gemini Award-winner Nicholas Campbell stars as the controversial Vancouver Coroner Dominic Da Vinci who, working with homicide detectives and pathologists, speaks for the dead to protect the living.

 102 x 60'


INTELLIGENCE is the story of opposite sides of the law coming together to serve themselves and each other. It is a cat and mouse game of exploitation and cover-up as each camp uses intelligence agents to build their enterprises. Jimmy Reardon (Ian Tracey), a third generation crime boss, and Mary Spalding (Klea Scott), Director of Vancouver's Organized Crime Unit, made deals with the devil - that is, each other. Jimmy agreed to work with Mary as a star informant, and Mary made a deal to protect Reardon from prosecution. Each will attempt to use the other without getting caught in the act.

27 x 60'


Healthy Gourmet

The longstanding kitchen battle between taste and nutrition is at the core of this half-hour series, which follows nutritionist Julie Daniluk and chef Ezra Title as they help a group of people in each episode find the right balance between meals that are both healthy and full of flavor.

26 x 30'


A top team of makeover experts transform everyday people into the spitting image of a celebrity they resemble. It's a once in a lifetime chance to be a star for a day!

130 x 30'

Bathroom Divas

BATHROOM DIVAS offers neophyte opera singers from across the country and from all walks of life the opportunity to be critiqued and coached in an intensive Opera Boot Camp conducted by opera professionals. After a comprehensive nationwide selection and elimination process, 6 lucky hopefuls will enter a training phase from which only one will make the cut and be chosen to perform live on-stage in front of an audience of thousand.

 12 x 30'

Style by Jury

Style by Jury is a makeover series that focuses on making the best first impression possible. Over the course of seven days, our makeover candidates get transformed from the inside out. With the help of our experts in the field of cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic dentistry, image, fashion, hair and make-up, we show how you can look 10 years younger and get that “wow” factor.

182 x 30'

Tosca: Flexing at 49

This eight-part series chronicles the journey of 49-year-old Tosca Reno, a fitness model, author and mother of four, as she prepares for the final bodybuilding competition of her career. Along with the rigorous training and extreme diet she undertakes to compete at the highest level, Reno struggles to balance her commitment to her family and her work, which includes the launch of a new cookbook.

8 x 60'

Real Renos

As we watch master contractor Jim Caruk open up his world, no other show takes you behind the scenes the way Real Reno’s does…revealing what really happens when the homeowners aren’t looking. Jim’s a little older, the jobs are a lot bigger, but some things never change. There are the usual erratic trades, weather delays, and on-site errors that make a million dollar renovation even more fraught than the jobs Jim used to do. 

91 x 30'


Mr Right Is Stuck In Traffic

Told from writer Erin Skillen's perspective as a recovering chick culture addict herself, the film delves into her own expectations for romance and tries to find a cure for this pop culture pandemic. “I kept wondering why I couldn’t find Mr. Right. Then I realized that maybe I’m looking for a man who only exists in chick culture.” Erin unabashedly explores her own delusional history of love and analyzes the effects that the culture of romance has on women today. Many questions are raised in an attempt to solve the dilemma – like understanding the difference between Hollywood’s Mr. Right, and the Mr. Right for you.


Becoming Barack

The one hour doc is loosely guided by Obama's book Dreams from My Father, and features an unreleased exclusive interview from 1993. Becoming Barack tells the story of Obama's quest for self-identity, exploring his formative influences in Hawaii, the journey to his father's hometown in Kenya, and his time spent seeking direction in Chicago. It sheds light on how Obama's early experiences have shaped his political outlook today, weaving voices from his past with excerpts of the 1993 interview throughout .

1 x 60'

Adrian Anantawan: The Story Behind the Notes

Young Canadian violinist Adrian Anantawan has rapidly become one of the most dynamic young musicians of his generation. Born without a right hand, he revolutionizes our vision of music playing using a violin. His keen sense of expression and musicianship has continued to inspire critics and audience alike, beginning when he won the Rosemary Kennedy International Young Soloist Award and debuted at the Kennedy Center in 2002.

1 x 60'

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